Elgin (subwaysurfer) Bolling ( or the importance of sharing)

For the past two days I have watched possibly more youtube then i ever have in my life. Why? you may ask... Well because I somehow stumbled onto a wonderful caricature artist by the name of Elgin (Subway Surfer) Bolling. He has 9 pages of videos, most of which are dedicated to giving you tips on drawing. First off all I want you to see how good of an artist he is....

It's so fascinating for me to watch this video. The speed, the control, and the line quality, and of course the extremely smooth look to the pastel coloring. I can't wait to be as masterful with a pen as this man. That pen by the way, just happen to be a Tombo brush pen. Thankfully i happened to have one that i never much used, so while listening to Elgin talk, I started to do my own sketches.

Now obviously I need to work on my control of the brush, but I'm already a little in love with the tool. Anyway, The great thing about Elgin is that not only does he know his stuff; he is very entertaining to watch. I love his tone of voice, inflection, and hand gestures. I also love that he favors a common sense and easy to understand approach to teaching, he only gets technical when it is necessary. Here is a video that brings up a very interesting idea that i have never thought of before. As a matter of fact, almost every video contains a little nugget or two of information that is incredibly useful.

It's just been so refreshing to watch these videos. I remember when i was first taking drawing seriously, i would scour the internet for every single piece of information on animation, caricature, and cartooning online. Of course this was 2006, and when i felt i had exhausted  most of it I just began to draw without much guidance. It's worked out in some ways for me, but watching these videos and then practicing the techniques reminds me that it's very important to keep looking and learning. The most important this is to just draw, but watching other artists and absorbing their techniques does have an interesting and very positive effect on your own drawing.

Watching Elgin also reminds me that it's a great thing to be able to produce, create, and share with others. He doesn't have a good camera, or a good mic, in many instances you can barely see his face. He knows that it doesn't really matter of course, and he has the info and the personality to cover up any video or audio flaws. As a matter of fact, he often will answer a phone very quickly in his videos or trip over a line. The important thing is to get that information out there, he doesn't let perfection keep him from doing what needs to be done. I frequently struggle with the "Perfect" , Elgin is a great reminder that "Perfect" is far from the end- all goal.


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